Useful Tools for Your WordPress Website

If you are already using WordPress, you know that it’s a great platform because it’s designed to work well with so many different themes, plugins, and third-party software solutions.

Not using WordPress yet? We can help you get started with Notable Care™!

No matter where you are in the process of designing your website or building your audience, the right resource at the right time can give you a sincere advantage.

We always recommend that you start by exploring our own Themes and Plugins for WordPress―but this page features many other resources we use and recommend.

Top Website Resources

ConvertKit - Build & Serve Your Email List

ConvertKit is the only email marketing service we recommend, because it’s built with a powerful suite of list-building tools that are incredibly easy to use.

Hover - Find The Perfect Website Domain

Hover is the first domain registrar we head to, and the only one we recommend to our customers. That’s because it’s the simplest option for finding new domain ideas, making a hassle-free purchase, and managing domains you already own.

CoSchedule - Manage Your Content Calendar

CoSchedule is your all-in-one marketing calendar, making it easy to manage all your blog posts, podcasts, social media campaigns, and other content all from one place.

Helpful WordPress Plugins

With this plugin you can easily add tabs, buttons, boxes, callout quotes, and more to any WordPress Theme with a collection of simple-to-use WordPress shortcodes.

Don’t ask us what happened to the first six contact forms… but this is the best contact form plugin available if you want to set up a contact page on your website without much trouble.

You can increase social shares and drive more traffic to your website with this plugin, which customizes your sharebar and makes it easy to create shareable quotes in each post or page that you publish.

This is the industry standard for Search Engine Optimization with WordPress, making it incredibly simple to set up every post or page with the information that search engines like Google are looking for.

This plugin can drastically speed up your website by automatically optimizing every image on your site so it takes up much less space and loads faster each time.

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