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There are a ton of WordPress themes available today. Some free, others paid, but finding one to help you accomplish your specific business goals can be a challenge.

In today’s episode, Thomas will break down a list of specific things to look for when purchasing a pre-built WordPress theme or having one custom-developed.

The main points we’ll cover:

  1. A quick note on “multi-purpose” WordPress themes
  2. Choosing between a “pre-built” WordPress theme and custom development
  3. What is a “child theme?”
  4. Specific business features/functionality:
    1. Email list-building tools, integration, and placement
    2. Prominent call to action
    3. Clean, simple, logical navigation
    4. Efficient content creation, management, and organization—no “post-type creep”
    5. Simple customization (for pre-built themes)
    6. Post formats (not post types)
    7. Minimal “page-builders” or bulky frameworks
    8. Responsive (totally mobile friendly)
    9. Links to social networks, contact information, and other essential info

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