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Whether a website is ugly or beautiful, fast or slow, responsive or not; there is one task it absolutely must perform.

While there are a ton of website solutions out there. About 99% of them fail to accomplish this simple task, however, building your Email list.

In this episode, Thomas will go over why an Email list is so vital to growing your business and how you can begin the process of improving your website’s ability to do this.

The main points we’ll cover:

  1. What most online (and offline) businesses wish they started doing sooner
  2. Is your website a business card or a business?
  3. Why Email remains so important today
  4. Don’t build your house on a rented lot—Social Media
  5. A few ways your website can build your Email list

Today’s Notable Tool

ConvertKit: A simple, powerful, and easy-to-use Email marketing tool.

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