Simple Editorial Guidelines

A simple yet powerful plugin that enables you to present your guest writers with rules, guidelines, or a simple notice—right in their admin post edit screen.

Guide Your Writers

Let your writers know exactly what you’re looking for as they help produce new content for your site.

Dynamic Display Options

Pick only the user roles you want to see the guidelines. For example, you can show the guidelines to Editors and Author, but hide it from Administrators.

Color Customization

Configure a custom color for the admin Meta Box header to ensure it matches your site’s color scheme, and/or is noticeable for those creating new content.

Custom Post Type Support

Simple Editorial Guidelines works great for posts and pages. However, if your site manages custom post types such as events, books, announcements, or anything else—you can add your guidelines to the post types of your choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Notable themes cost more than other themes?

There are a ton of WordPress themes out there with a pretty wide range of prices—most under $100. In almost every case, these themes are complicated, cumbersome, packed with needless features, and rarely if ever help build or grow a platform.

Notable Themes products, on the other hand, are each tailored for specific markets, trades, and industries—some of which are being used by those running multi-million-dollar online businesses. Our lead developer has charged clients in excess of $10k to develop themes equivalent to those available at Notable Themes. The themes and plugins here are available at a tiny fraction of that price.

The bottom line? Notable Themes products cost more than some themes and plugins out there but are always worth far more than they cost.

Does Notable Pro include all themes?

The Notable Pro membership includes a wide assortment of single-purpose themes, however, they do not include all “Signature Series” themes.

Can I purchase themes and plugins individually?

Absolutely! A Notable Pro membership is never required to acquire any theme or plugin. Some of our themes and plugins are even available for free. See our themes here and plugins, here. (The Platform theme isn’t available for individual purchase)

What type of WordPress hosting do you recommend?

We highly recommend WPEngine for its range of features, ease of use, and customer service. Our Notable Pro membership has optional, included hosting for a single site.

Do your themes and plugins work with

Our themes and plugins are not currently available for websites. We highly recommend using a self-hosted version of WordPress available for free at

How many sites may I activate my license on?

If you purchase a theme or plugin individually, you may have it active on up to three sites. If you have a Notable Pro membership, you may activate all the themes and plugins you’ve purchased on unlimited websites.

Can I use your themes and plugins on client’s sites (or sites being resold)?

Notable Themes products cannot be used where they are being resold to third parties of any kind. If you’re interested in reselling websites utilizing Notable Themes products, please contact us about acquiring a Developer license.

Can I get a refund?

Any individual theme, plugin, or subscription comes standard with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Simply contact us and we’ll manually process your refund. Refunds may take anywhere from 3-5 business days to process. Refunds are not available, however, for or our Notable Care service.