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Examples of Real Life Use of Platform-in-a-Box

I've asked for this twice through email query which have gone unanswered for weeks, perhaps I could get some help here in community ;) My situtation: I purchased Platform-in-a-Box almost a year ago, but didn't install. (My plans got derailed by life and other valid priorities.) I'm now ready to get active building a blog and online platform, but am uncertain if I want to use Platform theme, so I'm hoping that I can get some examples of websites that have used Platform. Basically, I want to see how others are using it and how well they are using it before I pay for another year. Could some of you provide me with some links to take a look at?


  • Fred Bittle

Thankfully, I did get a reply today. And, of course, I should have mentioned that I understood if replies were slow in coming due to pandemic lock-downs and such. Notable customer service gave me three examples, but wondering if there might be more. Anyone want to share their own Platform theme website with me?


  • Erikjan Lantink

Which examples did you get?


  • Dave Anthold

Hi Fred,

I created a website for my church LifeGroup (small group) when the pandemic hit to push content and capture discussion guides. It has some widgetized pages + posts + pages. Hope it gives you some insights.