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Let the Notable team setup your new WordPress website for you.

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Don’t want to mess with setting up your site? Let us do it for you

When it comes to running a business or building a brand, we know the last thing you want to worry about is your website. That’s why we created Notable Care™. While every Notable Themes product is super-easy to setup and customize, sometimes it’s easier just to let to experts take care of it for you. With Notable Care™, we’ll work with you to setup WordPress, install your theme, and even customize it to your specifications.

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  • Migration from a third-party web host to WPEngine
  • WordPress installation*
  • Notable theme and plugin installation
  • One Theme setup and customized—including fonts, colors, styles, and layout
  • One widgetized, customized page configured (if applicable)
  • Custom domain setup and configuration

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* Only sites hosted with (or being migrated to) WPEngine are eligible for WordPress’ base setup.